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Details about the Makingaccount website

   This website is designed to be easy for users to use and easy to read

   Each and every page of this website is designed to answer frequently asked questions For example why, how what

Logo of the makingaccount website

All photos on the making account website are owned by makingaccount ©

Description of the logo design

The design of this logo is based on the method of account preparation. For example, both sides of the account are equal and the four sides of the chair are equal.There is something wrong with it if it is not equal

The color of this logo is similar to the color most often used on this website

   Accounting year to be followed

We all know that the most important date to be recorded in the account. There are more than 150 countries in the world and every country follows a wide variety of accounting years

       For example

Not all accounting years can be followed because it can cause confusion so only one accounting year is followed

The April to March accounting year is followed

   Date recording order

There are different types of Date recording order from which to choose the type of Date recording order that is suitable for recording in the account

       for Example

From that only the Date recording order of the suitable to be recorded in the account has been selected .The Month/day/year Date recording order is followed

   currency symbol $

There are many different types of currency symbol in the world ,The dollar symbol has been chosen because it is easy to register in the website

   Facility To Ask Your Doubts And Questions.

Users are given the facility to ask their questions and doubts to the administrators on the website

How to use it

comment page
Q&A page

At the top of the message page you are given two options

The comment page is the page you are on

Q/A page has more features than an comment page You need to create an account to go to the Q/A page

Important information

Sing in

first name :

last name :

user name :

password :

first name :

Your name will be taken as the name registered in the first name

last name :

You can register your last name or nickname in the last name

user name :

Do not register the user name of your existing account Choose a new user name ,and You must know this user name in order to access your account


It is important to know your user name and password to go into the account

   Side menu

The side menu facility is provided to easy access of all the pages in the website


As soon as you touch the book you will be shown a list of all the page title on the website from which you can choose your favorite page


The most important thing an accountant needs is a calculater so the facility to use it is given on this website

how to use it

If you go to the side menu bottom there will be the word calculator and as soon as you touch it the calculator will start running

All the facilities required for calculation are given in this calculator

You will be recommended a page related to the page you are in for extra convenience