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Hello what is the difference between interest accrued and accrued interest?
we can correct your question, interest accrued & due and interest accrued but not due. Do you want this question answer?
Why is the profit before taxation used?
Find the EBIT
Why to find the EBIT
To determine the capital redemption Reserve.

See the capital redemption Reserve chapter for more details ,But sorry it is not available now

What is the link between EBIT and capital redemption Reserve
Sorry, can not say about it now ,Please wait a few days
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What is balance sheet
statement on how company has used the money of Shareholders and lenders and how much profit company has made from it , how this profit has been transferred.

See the balance sheet chapter for more details ,But sorry it is not available now

What is qa
Full details about the website are given on the about page, please read



What is journal
Look at the page of the journal
What is the difference between expenses and expenditure
Expanditure is purchased material by giving money ( furniture, building) Expanses for administrative function (rent ,Salary)