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What is a Subsidiary Books | Type of Subsidiary Books

what is a Subsidiary Books

Subsidiary book is the reference and remember note and it's Only short-term credit transactions are recorded , It also records the transactions required by the company

Why Need Subsidiary Books?

A Subsidiary Book Is Prepared Exclusively For Recording A Credit Transaction, Because The Cash Transaction Is Completed As The cash Is Received , But The Credit Transaction Is Not Completed Immediately, So All Information Relating To That Transaction Is Kept Secure Until It Is Completed, Subsidiary Book Includes All Information About The Credit Transaction (Date Amount Person A/C Etc) and other transaction records required by the company(cash book ,expenses, etc)

how to prepar the Subsidiary Books ?

Subsidiary books like the ledger but the ledger records only the money, date, transaction) but the Subsidiary Books contains all the information about the transaction (invoice)

type of Subsidiary Books

each point expalain speratly with example here all points compainly explain


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