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debitors- Creditors-

What Is Difference Between Debtors And Creditors

creditors Company receives goods & services without giving cash
Debtors Company giving goods & services without receiving cash

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BRS-bank reconsolidated statement-

BRS bank reconciliation statement | How To Detect And Record Changes

The bank reconciliation statement that detects and records the reason for the balance difference between the cash book and the pass book

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bull image- share market bull image- bull -

Who Is A Speculator, Types Of Speculators And Profitable Methods

Those who make a profit by buying and selling shares in the stock market are called speculators, Anyone who sells shares leaves the stock market, and holds shares for a long term will not be considered an speculator.

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artificial person- company body -

Winding Up Type and order of payment

how to liquidate a company ?:   Follow the rules stated in the winding up procedure to liquidate the company

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1000 unit stock image -

How To Prepare The Cost Sheet For Tender And Quotation

The Furniture Dealers Issues An Order To The Chair Manufacturer Company For A Thousand Chairs And Asks Him To Send The Details. (Quotation).

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160 unit stock image -

The cost sheet is prepared for two purposes

    Internal needs

  • Find the cost per unit   (for find the stock value)
  • find the cost sheet profit
  • find the G S T (output)
  • Analyse cost

    External Need

  • tender and quotation
  • price modification
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What is the Ledger and How to prepar the ledger account

what is the Ledger?

The ledger is like a book that records journal accounts and previous years' closing balance entry and Those posts will be based on its title and it is through this information that the closing balances for the financial year will be calculated.

Why prepare a Ledger?

for convenience, facility, time save, easy access etc...

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Documentary On Accounting-History-Evolution -

Documentary On Accounting History And Evolution

In this documentary you will find details about how accounting was in ancient times and how accounting evolved. That way you can know what is the main reason for account growth,

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Journal account- debit-credit - Journal

What Is The Journal? And How To Prepar The Journal Account?

1 What is the Journal ?

The Journal is a working note, it divides and records business transactions into accounts based on the golden rule for preparing the final account.

2 Why prepare a Journal account?

   From the past to the present, the journal is a communication tool used by those who are already familiar with accounting to teach accounting to new beginners.

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Types of transactions

  • Cash Transaction
  • Credit Transaction
  • Credit Repayment Transaction
  • Transfer Or Contra Entry
  • adjustment entry

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Basic Information of Cost Accounting

raw meterial

work in progrss

finished goods

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Cost Calculation for the Basic Information

The cost calculation method will vary depending on the items

     The simple cost sheet method can be used for products that end in one process
      The process cost method can be used for products that end in multiple process
      Each process must cross three stages ,At each of these stages the cost of the goods must be calculate      

The calculation method is two types

  • Calculating the cost of goods at each stage
  • Should calculate the cost of goods between stage

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simple process cost Accounting with example

mobile parts assembling company in india

transaction info

 Purchased 1000 Pieces Board $10000
  Purchased 1000 Pieces Battery From Power Battery Industry $2000
  Purchased Was 1000 Pieces Display From Samsung $15000
  The Camera Was Purchased From Sony For 2000 Pieces $2000
  Other Manufacture Unit Purchased $100000
  Software $120000 From google

Production Information

  800 Battery Was Fitting Board,Charges $800
  700 Display Attached Board,Charges $1400
  1400 Camera Fitting The Board ,Charges $400
  Other Manufetre Parts Fitting On Board $70000 ,Charges $4000
  Software $84000 And Charges $$2000
  50 Battery Was Sold To Spare Part Wholesalers
  50 Display Was Sold To Spare Part Wholesalers

process 1

process 2

process 3

process 4

process 5

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